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kathryn slack
kathryn slack

Coaching for individuals

We all have times when we wish we were doing something else instead of what we’re doing right now.  We dream of being anywhere else but in that stuffy office staring at the lone, limp and unwatered plant.  Our minds wander to that long harboured desire to do, well, anything but what we’re doing now!  Yet we’re soon woken from our daydreaming by that same old voice in the distance asking for those sales figures, or that spreadsheet, or wanting to know how many calls you’ve made, or when you’ll be ready for the next task and then SNAP! You’re back to reality and that lone, limp, unwatered plant!

So how about you do something crazy and make a change to your working life? 

What if you can do that job you’ve always wanted for but never believed you could achieve?  What if you actually don’t know what you want to do but you do know it isn’t what you’re doing now?  Well, help is at hand – I can help you change your life.

I know what you’re going through.  Why? Well, I’ve been there too.  That’s what motivated me to start Graydon Ventures Ltd and help people find the happiness I have found.

I can guide you through that minefield of decisions, all the do’s and don’ts, and get you set well and truly on the path to career transition.  I listen to you. I work with you.  I help you. I guide you. I advise you.  What I won’t do is allow you to make a change to do something that isn’t really you.  The grass can always be greener but it must be the grass you are meant to be on; not just any old scrappy weed ridden piece of land.

So, how do I do this?  Well, I split the coaching into five stages:

‘Focus’.  I work with you to identify your next role. I’ll help you clarify what you need from your career and what you have to offer a potential employer, in short, what makes you, you.  I want to understand who you are but equally; you need to better understand yourself too.  When I know who you are and what makes you marketable we move to the second stage.

‘Explore’. I build on the assessment work so you can explore different career options. I will help you evaluate the results so you can identify the most appealing and viable options which will then become your career search objective.  I do this using Talent Dynamic and other tried and tested assessments.

‘Stand Out’.  At this point I will work on helping you stand out from your competition.  What can you offer that others don’t?  What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)?  I will then help you put together a standout CV, or Linked In profile or biography, whichever is more applicable to your newly chosen career path.
‘Compelling’.  If you’re going into a new job with a new employer, you will need to deliver an unforgettable and compelling interview.  I will help prepare you for that important interview and I’ll even arrange interview role play and practice.  I’ll also cover how to handle those awkward and difficult interview questions and salary negotiations.
For those of you who decide to set up your own business, we will use this session to teach you how to promote yourself and your business when you’re sitting in front of potential customers.  You still need to be compelling and convincing while remaining calm and in control. 
‘Making it Happen’.  This final stage is where all your preparation will be put into practice.  I will identify as many organisations as possible that specialise in what you choose to do and ensure your CV is sent to the right person in that organisation.  We’ll also work on your approach to these companies making sure your tone, delivery style, content and message are polished. 
If you’re going to set up your own business, we’ll use this stage to get you on the right tracks with all the elements of setting up your own business.  I will share with you our ‘power team’ of service providers and suppliers, ranging from accountants and graphic designers to HR consultants and business coaches.
‘The Finale’.   It’s all very well making it happen but what if you feel you want a bit of ‘post event’ support?  I will give you a month’s follow up in the form of Skype or phone calls.  While you’re probably feeling more positive about your future now than you have for a long time and you’re on your path to the new you, just sometimes it’s good to chat something through and air any concerns you have.  Equally, I’d love to hear of your successes so please call us to share good news too.
“So how much is all this going to cost me?” I hear you ask.  Well, that depends.  It depends on how much support you want.  What I can say is that I offer something quite unique and I know every individual is unique.  Everyone needs a different level of support so it would be wrong to place a fixed price on all this; one size doesn‘t always fit all.  I will be able to give you a cost once we have had a chat and I have got an understanding of the level of support you need. 
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