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kathryn slack
kathryn slack


For Presentation skills:

Attended a course on Presentation skills, and WOW! Such a great course and I have learnt so much from it. I came away knowing that what I "thought I sounded like" and "thought I was doing" actually wasn't happening! With some great tips and guidance, I know I can present to people in a confident manner.
AMAZING! Thank you very much.......
L Chaplin Leighton Buzzard

Fabulous Presentations Skills course. If you are not confident in your presenting ability you will be helped out of your comfort zone and learn to practise in a safe environment. So much fun, great content, Kathryn knows her stuff.
H Chaplin Milton Keynes (not related to L Chaplin)

I decided to go on Kathryn's Presentation Skills Workshop because over the years I have developed quite a fear of public speaking. I was hoping I might learn something like an approach or a technique from the workshop that I could take away with me to help in future.
It turns out the workshop was far more than that. Aside from learning about ways to help myself during times I was public speaking I also learned about how to work with my audience and the different types of people in the room. It was also useful to have some practical sessions which turned out to be very funny, where we practiced what we had been learning and I never felt at any point that I was pressured to stand up and talk if I didn't want to.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has a real interest in delivering sensational talks or presentations- the kind you don't forget once you've heard.  Thanks Kathryn, I look forward to putting into practice.  
S Sparke St Neots 

I have always been confident at speaking to people so I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from the services Kathryn offers but boy was I wrong! From the moment I met Kathryn she made me feel at ease and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Everything from body language to how I speak all made a difference and by the end of our session I felt like I could conquer the world! I encourage everyone from the extremely confident to the incredibly shy to contact Kathryn, I promise you won’t regret it!
Meg, Wellingborough

Kathryn provided a fun and informative day of presentation hints and tips, using engaging exercises to teach us skills that would take our own unique style, enhance our presentation to a point where we could give a confident and accomplished delivery. Very relaxed a must for anyone wishing to improve their presentation technique.
Sue, Thrapston

Kathryn came to help me with my presentation skills, in preparation for an assessment day I had. I have always been very nervous when it comes to public speaking and therefore was eager to learn how to deliver a presentation more confidently. Kathryn’s sessions lived up to my hopes, in which she taught me many ways to improve my presentation skills, including how to use body language/posture effectively, how to engage with the audience and tactics to help answer any unexpected questions! Being able to practice my presentation with Kathryn, and have her guidance, I believe was invaluable. Not only did I successfully gain a place on the course, my presentation was rated 5/5 and was described as being delivered with a ‘high level of confidence, articulated clearly with both enthusiasm and energy’. This was a huge achievement for me, especially considering where I had started, and would like to thank Kathryn for all her help. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who is looking to build and improve upon their presentations skills.

Abbie, Trusted Mortgages

For Coaching

Conflicted and confused as a result of a traumatic and turbulent time, in both my career and personal life, I had been left demoralised and lacking in optimism in my search for a fulfilling future career.
Graydon Ventures provided a sympathetic ear and encouraged me to draw on my positive career and personal achievements. Kathryn’s ability to think laterally and yet suggest practical steps in the decision making process was invaluable.  As a result, I was able to identify a new direction and develop the confidence to make the decision and make it happen.
C Pooler, Milton Keynes

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