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kathryn slack
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Ignite the Spark – Light Up Your Business

It’s easy to lose sight of what makes your business amazing, to feel lost in your daily tasks and wonder how you’ll achieve the goals you’re striving for.

Whether you feel lost, overwhelmed or just in need of a boost – the Ignite business event is exactly what you’re looking for.

Inspiration, Collaboration and Motivation

– with Ignite, you’ll get all this and more

The team of experts I’ve brought together for Ignite are everything you need to know about why these events are so successful.

> Dynamic – Successful, active and confident of achievement

> Collaborative – Leaders in their own right who work together to help you learn

> Vibrant – Enthusiastic, insightful and ready to be heard

> Giving – Sharing their knowledge and experience to help you grow, allowing you to give something back yourself.

“I invest a lot in personal development and growth. Some events are good. Some are just copycats of others. Kathryn’s IGNITE conference was the best I attended this year.

Kathryn did an amazing job getting together top speakers in their industry expertise. There was so much support and networking opportunities from everyone in the room. I made excellent contacts and learned so much that I’m now implementing in my sales coaching business.

Speakers were also accessible and at so many events I’ve been to, speakers hide in a green room and only talk to you if you buy their product.

I’ve also had business colleagues work with Kathryn. They’ve spoken of her knowledge, support, kindness and ability to get results.

I highly recommend attending further IGNITE events to further your life and career.” N Kapur, Milton Keynes

So, what will you get from Ignite?

As well as the chance to hear from these amazing speakers, you’ll get to talk to them throughout the day and spend time with other local business owners and leaders. You’ll meet people who think and work like you – igniting opportunities for learning, collaborating and growing.

If you want your business to shine in 2020, come along to Ignite 5  BOOK TODAY

There are also opportunities for you to share your message at this amazing event:

Event Sponsorship – including a 10-minute speaking slot at the event, social media and press PR coverage, banner space and a stand on the day, as well as the option to include promotional materials in the delegate packs.

Banner Spaces – include a 3-minute speaking slot, space to display your banner and the opportunity to include promotional materials in delegate packs.

Call today to find out more about the opportunities to be involved in Ignite, on 07932 419190

Ignite 5 - Your Business Health 

Whether you’re going through the good days or bad – because all businesses have both – how you approach your difficulties will determine how successful your business is.

Looking at the health of your business is essential in planning for success, and we’ll be looking at six areas which all successful businesses need to be healthy.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, Wicksteed Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire - BOOK TODAY

Paul Bohill

Paul Bohill Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away

sharing his ways to get your money back, making your debtors pay and telling us about his time on the TV show.
Lisa Sheppard

Lisa Sheppard Business Gears Management Consultancy

asking ‘How healthy is your relationship with money?’ Lisa will encourage you to look at how you manage money in your business and how a focus on finance will position you for success.
Taz Thornton

Taz Thornton Inspirational Speaker & Coach

sharing her insights in branding for a healthy business.
Asha Clearwater

Asha Clearwater Content Queen & PR Guru

showing how the focus of your content needs to work for your clients to work for your business.
Donna Clark

Donna Clark Outside In HR

looking at how to work better with the people in your business, including how to find the right people and manage those who let you down. We’ll get Donna’s insights for building your team as well as some great stories from working in HR.
Robyn Allen

Robyn Allen Robyn Allen Solutions

asking ‘How healthy are you?’ Looking after your health is fundamental for the health of your business but easy to ignore, Robyn will share her tips for making sure you keep yourself in shape.
Helen Ponting

Helen Ponting Speak With Influence

showing that there’s no need to shy away from difficult conversations and negotiations; we’ll learn how to approach difficult conversations for the sake of our business.
John Scotcher

John Scotcher Pearson Treehouse

talking to us about how we can make our businesses carbon neutral to benefit the health of the planet.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, Wicksteed Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire - BOOK TODAY

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