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There comes a time in a student's life, whether in the 6th form, whether in college or in university where reality hits............the big bad world of employment is calling and you need to get a job!

Applying for that perfect job is one thing, the excitement of being granted an interview or a place at an assessment day is suddenly overtaken by trepidation and fear.........all because of that dreaded presentation you've been asked to give.

Graydon Ventures recognises the importance of being able to communicate effectively and the more you can do this, the better chance you have of being 'the best' candidate for the job.

BUT..........there's always a but!  You have to get over your terror of standing up in front of people to deliver your presentation.  This is where we come in.  Don't worry, the presentation skills cavalry are here.  

We can coach you in how to get over your nerves and to channel that nervous energy, we show you how you can use your voice in different tones, paces and pitches to strengthen your message and put the right emphasis and emotion into it, we can demonstrate ways you can use different personality types to give more depth to your presentation and if that's not enough, we can help you handle those awkward questions.  Once you've mastered all of this, you'll be able to deliver the most memorable presentation and just simply nail it!

Still not sure? Then why not check out the testimonials to see what others have to say and how we've helped them?

Come on, don't be shy now......let's chat and see how we can help you be absolutely awesome in your presenting skills.

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