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After the success of IGNITE 1 & 2 we now have IGNITE 3 coming up on 12th June 2019 at the Sharnbrook Hotel.  It promises to be another fabulous and vibrant event with masses of content, loads of learning, heaps of fun, platefuls of delicious food, prizes, give-aways and oodles more............and no death by powerpoint! 

Admission - For just £120.00 you can come along and enjoy the full day's fantastic event. All you have to do is click on this link to get your ticket, or, if you really want to get your business noticed, you can use this same link to book your banner space. 


Sponsorship is still available for anyone who is interested in being the event sponsor.  Sponsorship will provide social media and press PR coverage; banner space with a table to display your promotional literature, a 10 minute speaking slot at the event and an opportunity to put your promo literature in all delegate packs.  The fee also includes your day at the event and all it encompasses. To be IGNITE's sponsor, email for more details.

Banner space is available to anyone wishing to purchase this.  You'll get a 2 minute speaking slot, space to display your banner so everyone sees it through the whole event and an opportunity to put your marketing promo flyers into the delegate packs.  The £165.00 fee also includes your day at the event and all it encompasses.

SPEAKERS - So who are the speakers?  Well, in no particular order, they are ......

KATHRYN SLACK - IGNITE FOUNDER & HOST; GRAYDON VENTURES - There are so many better ways to communicate and present than death by Powerpoint! It's about being memorable, engaging and connecting with your clients, new clients, employees and colleagues. In networking it's imperative to get your 40/60 second pitch right. So many business owners are terrified of standing up and talking for just 1 minute about their own business. Kathryn has 30 years of corporate experience working with household names and businesses. And after years of watching dull, boring and appalling presentations, a need was clearly there to help people with their public speaking! Come to IGNITE and see how you can put the power behind your networking pitch and leave with a ready to use powerful pitch format.

SAMANTHA CAMERON FROM 2MOTIV8 SOCIAL MEDIA - Social media is THE most important way to market your business these days.  Sam has developed a social media platform that's so easy to use, gives you time back so you're not spending hours posting on facebook, linkedin, etc., and even gives you suggested images and phrases so you don't even have to think of what to write or get writer's block!  Sam will share with us all sorts of great ways of doing out social media posts, and may even do some social media posting during her session. 

TAZ THORNTON - INTERNATIONAL MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER AND AUTHOR - Taz is one of our 'house' speakers and is back for her 3rd IGNITE speaker slot.  What will Taz speak about......well this is the beauty of having Taz at IGNITE, you never know what she will be talking to us about.  It's a surprise every time but guaranteed you'll be wowed, you'll learn something new and be motivated to move forward in your business.

ASHA CLEARWATER - CONTENT QUEEN & PR GURU - Asha is another of our 'house' speakers back again to speak to us about communication and how powerful content is for our businesses.  This time, Asha will be talking to us about Podcasts - the power of the spoken word is very on trend just now.

LISA SHEPPARD - BUSINESS STRATEGIST FROM BUSINESS GEARS - Lisa brings many years of very high level corporate strategy and planning.  All business owners have their dreams and goals. However, goals and dreams will stay exactly that unless you properly plan and build a strategy on how you're going to achieve them. This is probably THE most important part of your business because unless you know how to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, you can have the best websites, be posting brilliant social media, be a wizz at your accounts, etc but these won't work unless they're part of your business strategy. Lisa will be sharing with us a fantastic way to build a strategy for our business so your goals become reality and don't stay in that pipe as a dream!

LOUISE CARTWRIGHT - SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPES - Louise has a really different approach to money and business.  Everyone, believe it or not, has a different outlook about money.  This isn't about whether you're a saver or a spender, it's so much more than that.  It's about whether you're a Ruler, a Nurturer, an Alchemist, a Romantic, and there's more of them!  Intrigued?  Well come along and find out what your top money archetype is and how it affects your business.  It's a very different and fascinating subject.

NIRAJ KAPUR FROM EVERYONE WORKS IN SALES - Niraj is another of our speakers who is an Amazon best seller.  He has many years of sales experience and is coming along to share with us all how to bring in more sales.  Niraj is not your everyday boring sales person and after your business strategy, sales are crucial to your business success.

Come along and network with like-minded businesses - an opportunity to gain more business, set up collaborations, connect with people you've never met before or catch up with 'old' friends

Breakfast Danish pastries and bacon butties; Italian themed 2 course lunch; refreshments during the day (not just tea and coffee); prizes, give-aways.

It doesn't matter whether you've been in business for weeks, months, years or you've been harbouring a business idea for a long time - there'll be something for everyone.

IGNITE is about helping your business grow and help your own personal development, so let 2019 be your year. Go from that small spark to the burning flame you really can be.

As a reminder, use this link  to secure your ticket or book your banner space.

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